Five Common Commercial Roofing Materials

The types of commercial roofs can basically be broken down into three types: Flat Roofs, Low-Sloped Roofs and Pitched Roofs. Flat roofs are the most common commercial roof, usually used for smaller structures and typically on the lowest end of the cost scale as they are the easiest and quickest type to build. Low-sloped roofs […]

What Is Tesla Powerwall Used For?

There is a device called a Tesla Powerwall that you may want to consider investing in. It is simply a device that is able to charge up during the day courtesy of solar panels that are connected to it. Many of these are designed to power entire households, and they are designed to be energy-efficient. […]

Why Would You Need an All-Terrain Crane?

In many areas of the construction industry, mobile cranes are the workhorses of all cranes. They offer the versatility of combining heavy-lifting power with mobility to conquer many various tasks and loads. However, when it comes to working on rough or uneven ground, you will most likely need the services of an all-terrain crane. These […]

Explainer: Top 7 Benefits Of Adding Vertical Cladding To Industrial Buildings

Vertical cladding installation refers to the process of adding an additional layer of protection to the walls of a building typically on the exterior. The materials used for vertical cladding can vary depending on the desired effect. They can include bricks, wood, vinyl, steel, marble, stones or cement. In this article, the highlight will be […]

What is Causing Dampness in Your Garage?

A very common problem for many home owners is the tendency for experiencing dampness in the garage. There are a few different things that could be causing this issue and solving this problem is very important in order to protect the items stored in the garage from mould and mildew. 1. A rising dampness This […]