Month: March 2015

GBH 8-45 D Professional Drill

BOSCH brings a new drill to the table. An upgrade to the 7-46 DE Professional, the 8-45 applies a host of new additions to an already stellar piece of equipment. New internal mechanisms have been added which increase the longevity of the drill. As a result the performance and lifetime of the drill have both been increased. A

Using Roof Designs To Stand Out

Roofs stand out. It can be the most prominent feature of your building. With a special roof protruding upwards next to all the standard buildings its next to, it sends a message that there is something of value here. Selecting a unique type of roof design can go far in making the property stand out, especially against the other buildings in

Improve Efficiency With Wire Rope Hoists

Whenever a person needs to lift a heavy object, they need to find a tool to assist them in the task. Having a lifting tool is even more important if the object being lifted is too heavy to be lifted manually. In such a case, a person needs to make use of a hoist. Although there are different types of hoist devices, the most common by far is an electric hoist. An electric hoist uses a wire rope to lift an item off the ground either for loading or for storage purposes.

For a company dealing with heavy products such a motor vehicle engines and parts, wire rope hoists are a necessity. The hoists allow the workers to go about their daily activities without too much physical strain. Hoists are used for many industrial applications as well as in the construction and mining industry. The wire hoists come in a variety of sizes depending on the function they are being used for.