Month: February 2016

Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Standard wire rope hoists configurations include low headroom, normal headroom and also double girder trolley designs. All hoists in metric ratings (FEM) or short ton ratings (ASME) meet a broad range of application requirements:

-Double-reeved or single-reeved

-Lifting speed range of about 10/1.5 to 62/10 feet per minute

-0.5 to 80-ton capacities

-208, 460, 380/3/50 or 575/3/60 power supply units

-Lifting begins at around 13ft to 320ft and beyond


The Large-diameter hoist drum basically means closer approaches and comfortable positioning. The large drum diameter offers a true vertical lift with the single-reeved rope hoist. The result is remarkably fast load positioning and also smooth movement. This ingenious design also means a much shorter frame length, thus allowing closer end approaches.

The key merits of electric over other forms of chain hoists

Most jobs involving heavy lifting often necessitate the use of electric chain hoists. These machines have the ability to not only lift, but also relocate bulky items effortlessly and promptly. They help in saving time and labour, consequently minimising the working costs. The three categories of chain hoists available in the market are manual, hydraulic and electric. Electric hoists, which are applicable to both large and small-scale work have some noteworthy merits.

Optimal loading capacity
Lifting devices that operate using electric power tend to have high trolley and hoist combination. The total load capacity ranges from a hundred to two hundred pounds for machines that are heavier. This means that a diverse range of heavy items can be comfortably lifted. Moreover, a high loading capacity would imply that the machine is highly efficient.

Floor Tiling, Tips and Techniques

Many homes use floor and wall tiles as part of a functional and decorative solution to home design. With it so commonly used in building, knowing how to lay and finish tiles effectively can add a great deal of value to your construction projects. Here are some tips and techniques that can be used when tiling floors