Month: September 2017

Retractable Roof Systems

If you are thinking about having retractable roof system, you need to know as much about them as you possibly can to avoid making some very expensive mistakes. The appeal these structures carry is undeniable, but only if they are installed properly.
The entire purpose of having retractable roof systems for most homeowners is to have the option to get an open space when needed, a shade during hot sun, and protection from rain or wind. These people also often want a structure that complements their home décor style. 

The Benefits of External Timber Cladding

Benefits of External Timber Cladding There are many practical and aesthetic benefits to external timber cladding that can offer an array of unique finishes. If you’re considering timber for your renovation requirements to whatever capacity that may be, then read the benefits below – 1.) Insulation Benefits Timber with its reinforced insulating properties can save