Month: April 2021

Indicators of Faults in Your Home’s Foundation

One major issue that homes can face and you need to watch for signs of, is a failing foundation or one in need of repair. This issue is not one that you would want to let slide for long, so if you suspect any problems, have it checked immediately. Typically, the signs of a foundation

Government to Help CITB Apprenticeships

The negative affects of apprenticeships in construction, due to COVID-19, has been highlighted as an area that needs government assistance and to aid this situation, the Training Board will be ensuring the availability of advanced payment for second- and third-year apprenticeship attendance grants. From the 6th of April, any apprentices already subject to CITB grant

Loft Conversion Building Regulations

A typical concern with loft conversions is whether or not planning permissions are going to be necessary. Typically, they are not but all building regulations will still need to be followed. When building a loft conversion, it is always best to start by planning and considering these areas, so that the building regulations will be

What are the best timber screws?

Timberlok screws are a modern alternative to traditional coach screws and can be used in a variety of timber applications. One of the most popular uses for Timberlok screws is fixing timber sleepers together, for example, and they do this very effectively! Of course, there are many different types available. Ever had to buy timber