The Benefits of External Timber Cladding

Benefits of External Timber Cladding

There are many practical and aesthetic benefits to external timber cladding that can offer an array of unique finishes. If you’re considering timber for your renovation requirements to whatever capacity that may be, then read the benefits below –

1.) Insulation Benefits

Timber with its reinforced insulating properties can save energy cost. Timber is also a renewable energy source and has a low carbon footprint. So not only can timber save you on energy costs but it’s also better in comparison to others for the environment. timber is very durable and without treatment, it is the natural and green choice.

2.) Design Advantages

Timber is naturally very visually appealing and is available in a wide range of colours and textures. Aside from the visual appeal, timber also lead to a reduction in lead times and can, therefore, reduce building costs –  it can be very economical too and there are various grades available to fit your budget. There is also a wide variety of styles and finishes available too.

3.) Use of Natural Resources

As an environmentally friendly and renewable natural resource wood cladding is accepted as a low environmental impact material. This compares favourably with non-renewable materials. There is also an option of recycling timber at the end of its life.

4.) Practical Benefits

Whilst Timber is a lightweight material, it is very strong and durable. Installation and repair are quite straightforward also making it suitable for new build projects and renovations.

As can be seen, there are many benefits to timber cladding that you may not have known. Not only is timber good for the environment, but also offers attractive and long-lasting features that really set this apart.