A Brief Guide to Hörmann Doors

Hörmann is a big name in garage doors. Hörmann doors have a reputation as being some of the best around, in terms of quality, longevity and the amount that they can do. They are known for their innovative qualities and their solid reputation, as Hörmann have marked themselves out as true leaders and innovators in the industry.

So why is a Hörmann door such a good investment? What makes it a good idea beyond other kinds of garage doors? This is some of the information you need to know about if you are considering buying a garage door and Hörmann could be an option for you.

A strong history of garage door manufacturing

Hörmann is a brand that originated in Europe and over time, they have moved into different areas, bringing high quality products and an excellent reputation with them. They have spent many years developing the brand and honing their skills to become a key competitor to other garage door brands. They are one of the most well known distributors and manufacturers across Europe – there are many reasons why a Hörmann garage door would be a good choice.

What types of garage doors are offered by Hörmann?

You can get all major types of garage doors from Hörmann, and some that are more unusual too, like side entrance doors for garages. If there is a particular style of door you want, Hörmann are a very good option because they are so highly specialised in the industry. You can choose to have something simple, or a more technical type of garage door depending on what you would like to achieve. There will be options for those who want a simple replacement for an existing garage door, as well as for people seeking an upgrade that will make their day to day lives easier.

If you want a simple Hörmann door, then there are up and over and canopy doors available in the Hörmann ranges. These will provide a value for money product that isn’t too expensive, so anyone can afford one.

There are also more technical types of doors you can choose, like roller shutter doors and sectional doors. These will operate electrically, giving you more features to benefit your day to day life. If you want to park your car in the garage and open the door without having to get out of your vehicle, then you can, using a remote control to operate the door.

Hörmann also offer some more traditional types of doors. They can also provide side hinged doors for garages, that will be situated next to the garage door and offer a different method of entry. These can add an extra aesthetic layer whilst also offering you more convenient ways to get into the garage.

If you have a Hörmann garage door installed, you have the backing of an excellent brand that makes doors that are built to last. And if you ever do have any issues in the future, a big brand means reasonable guarantees that will protect you as a consumer.