Bring the outdoors into your home with a glass room

Create additional space to your home by bringing the outdoors in! Glass rooms create an outdoor view of your garden all year round, meaning you can enjoy the scenery without getting too cold during those winter months.

Additional space is always handy for those expending families, or even for those that have many friends visit. A glass room can add style and elegance to your home and provide you with more room to relax with family and friends, all with a great view of the sky and garden area.

With seamless walls, outdoor glass rooms can help you to enjoy your garden for longer. With sliding doors, it gives you the option to open the room to enjoy the warm sun, and close when you want to keep the heat in and the rain and wind out. Glass rooms will bring more freedom to your home and can work as an additional room, such as an extra living room, or work as the main dining room or office, providing you with great views for more inspiration. This new social hub can be the perfect option for a teenage hangout for your children and their friends, with a unique, contemporary vibe.

It is not uncommon for our garden to get forgotten about during the cold and wet months, by creating an outdoor glass room to your home, means you can enjoy your beautiful garden all year round while blocking out the outdoor elements. You may even spot some new animals rummaging around your garden, with great views all around the room with the clear large glass panes.

Adding a glass room to your house may provide you with a cheaper alternative to building an extension, and reduce the work involved too. Save money on your daytime electricity usage, as the natural daylight will light up the room, reducing the amount of additional lighting.

Make your garden parties last longer, with additional lighting, heaters and awnings to create a new environment that isn’t reliant on the weather. Your guests can enjoy the wonderful view of your garden, with the shelter and warmth of the indoors. The perfect option for everyone.

Glass rooms come in a variety of styles, meaning there is a suitable shape for any type of home. With the flexibility of styles, choosing the most appropriate design is made easy. The room is made up of seamless glass panels creating the best view possible from within your home. The size can vary, depending on how much space you have in your garden, and how much additional space you desire inside your home too. Although framings tend to be discrete, you should also have the option to choose a colour that suits your home, style and preference, making it a new contemporary space that you can be proud of. With many additional features such as weather sensors, glass room vents, LED lighting and more, you can control your glass room to your exact preferences, making it a wonderful addition to your home.