Building A Garden Wall

A garden wall is a great starter project for a budding DIYer. Not only does it help to train some basic construction skills, but you are also left with a functional and decorative garden feature to enjoy.

The first thing to consider when building a garden wall is the foundation. This must not be taken lightly, the absolute minimum thickness of a foundation used anywhere on, in or around a property is 150mm (6 inches). This thickness, providing the wall is not loadbearing, will be enough to ensure your foundation will not crack.

A foundation trench is needed to lay the initial bricks in. Its important that the trench is dug with a flat smooth bottom and the thickness of the concrete is the same throughout the length of the foundation.

Mortar is then needed to set the bricks in place. Place a layer, of mortar on the concrete foundation. Then build the wall up, using a spirit level to keep it straight.