Loft Conversion Building Regulations

A typical concern with loft conversions is whether or not planning permissions are going to be necessary. Typically, they are not but all building regulations will still need to be followed. When building a loft conversion, it is always best to start by planning and considering these areas, so that the building regulations will be sufficiently met.

• Fire Safety- Mains-powered smoke alarms will be necessary as well as fire-resistant doors

• Sound Insulation- proper insulation will help dampen any noise transference in between rooms

• Floor and Beams- usually new floor joists are necessary for the support of the future room

• Walls- additional walls will need to support new or previously existing roof area, if any existing supports have been removed

• Stairs- the new stairs that will be added to the loft will need to be permanent (not retractable or a ladder) so as to provide a safe escape in the event of a fire

This list is not all exhaustive but they are the main areas that will need consideration in practically any loft conversion.