Outsourcing Building Materials From China

Many building companies opt to outsource their materials from different countries, one of these being China. There are many reasons why this can be advantageous, but the determining factor is almost always the much cheaper cost.

Outsourcing materials from China can save around 50% to 70% on average, this is a huge saving for building companies, especially those working on large projects. However, there is an additional cost to take into account, and that’s the shipping through Chinese logistical companies.

Its important to remember that most logistics providers offer a very good price in their initial estimate, and increase the price over shipments. By the end they can become pretty close to full standard price from a local supplier. This is regarded as a consistent practice for Chinese logistics companies.

To get around these extra charges, its recommended that a large company with a well received reputation is used, even if the price is sightly higher. These companies often provide trusted and official rates in function of the volume, weight, and destination.