Planning a building project for the new year

If you are lucky enough to own a plot of land, you are probably eager to start building a property on it. Starting your own building project is a very big achievement and that’s because it takes a lot of planning, time, hard work and of course money to complete it.

It is recommended to start your planning as early as possible as you will need an architect to drawn up a plan for the build which will then need to be passed on to the local council for planning permission. Obtaining planning permission for a new build can be quite a timely process, so getting this done in advance is advantageous.

Once you have planning permission you can start looking for trusted traders to complete all the building tasks, from footings, brickwork, roofing to electrics and plumbing to name a few. Keep a budget in mind and stick to it, as it can be easy to get carried away trying to complete a building project.