Restoring The Roof of a Heritage Building

When working on a heritage building, one of the most common areas that requires work is the roof. The roof of any building has to bear the brunt of the weather, so for a building that may be several hundred years old it’s likely going to be worn down substantially. Because of this and the fact that the building is of heritage status, renewing the roof to it’s original state is the main priority.

It is important to determine what parts of the roof are original, and which are not. This makes any non-original changes and additions more clear. This also helps to maintain the original design of the building and the overall historical accuracy of the construction.

The materials that were originally used, as well as the materials used for renewing the roof, are also important to consider. For example, many heritage buildings were originally clad in galvanised corrugated roofing sheets. To restore these sheets they can either be repaired and painted to lengthen their life, or replaced completely with modern sections that replicate the original design.