The importance of warehouse roofing: You must get it right!

Warehouse roofing should be strong, durable, resilient, well protected against the elements and made to last for many years.   If you’re planning to renovate your warehouse roofing, or thinking of installing a new one, you need to make sure that the chosen material can withstand harsh weather conditions. Warehouse roofs are often found at industrial sites and they have huge bases with multiple storage floors, which makes these installations very difficult to maintain. There are several main materials used for warehouse roofing:

One material often used for warehouse roofing is asphalt shingles, which are installed over a wooden or metal base. They’re tough enough to withstand heavy rain and snowstorms for years to come; they can be easily repaired without much hassle.

Composite roofing is probably the most commonly selected roofing and cladding material for warehouses. It comprises a pre-assembled roofing structure with insulation and support sandwiched between the upper and lower roofing panels; and can easily be fixed and assembled to construct the roof.

Other common materials include tar or other liquid polymers, fabric or fibreglass sheets, bitumen or other aggregates, and reflective top layers. so you can see, there’s a real mix.

Benefits of upgrading your warehouse roof

A new or refurbished warehouse roof will be more secure and safe, enabling you to keep track of what happens indoors and out — helping you manage indoor conditions such as temperature and humidity levels.

For example, if you see watermarks on your walls, a dripping ceiling and broken windows when it’s raining outside – it may be a sign of an ageing warehouse roof. Don’t ignore these symptoms. A new re-cover will save you money in the long term and reduce your energy costs. If your warehouse roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, it could be costing you dearly in unplanned maintenance work, damaged goods and poor efficiency. And there are other hidden costs to consider: damage that could result from leaks can significantly affect company reputation; ensuring stock isn’t exposed to water damage requires additional storage space; wet stock leads to mould growth which has serious health implications for workers.

Do not carry out warehouse roof repairs if you don’t have the necessary qualifications or experience. There are many high-quality industrial roofing professionals out there. The problem is that it’s hard to get a good price. Be sure to check out each roofing firm’s reviews and ensure you have a team ready to tackle the job.

In some cases, it may be difficult to get a good price with them. Some companies charge a call-out fee but don’t take any action after that. They may also say they’re going to do one thing, then change their minds later on, requesting more money before they actually do anything differently. You have to be very careful with this kind of tactic because it can really waste your precious time and energy as well as money! So just make sure you use a trustworthy company!