The Main Building Bricks Used In The UK

Not all buildings are made from one type of brick, in fact there are a few different types that are used in the UK. These are Facing Bricks, Engineering Bricks and Common Bricks. These bricks each have different characteristics and are each used in seperate ways.

Facing Bricks

These are the most popular type of brick used in building. Mainly used for exterior walls, these bricks are the primary choice when the visual looks of a building are a priority.

Engineering Bricks

Engineering bricks are strong and don’t absorb as much water as other bricks, but as a trade off they are less visually appealing. They are used for their physical properties over their looks.

Common Bricks

Unlike the name suggests, common bricks are the least common type of building brick used. This is mainly due to their overall lower quality compared to the other types of brick, as well as their less uniform appearance.