Things to consider when hiring a digger

It is no secret that diggers are a great piece of equipment for most projects, they reduce labour hours significantly but what do you need to consider when hiring one?

1. Do you have any access restrictions? Diggers range in size but even mini diggers still require a decent size entrance/exit. If you have limited access you may need to consider hiring a micro digger.

2. How long will your project take? When hiring your digger, you will want to allow yourself extra time with your equipment in case of any delays. Most companies will allow you to extend the hire of equipment but only if they have the capacity to do so.

3. Insurance – if the equipment hire is for business use, there is a good chance you are already covered but it is wise to check first.

4. You will also need to check to make sure there are no underground utility cables. Often these are dug quite deep so it’s wise to check before you start your project.