Using Structural Glass For Unique Building Features

Structural glass is often used in building projects as a way to create visually appealing structural features. When structural glass is used for features like walls and doors, it illuminates the area inside the building in a unique way, making it a popular choice for clients and contractors.

Structural glass is often used for unique building features. These can include components such as glass pillars, fins, canopies, balustrades, floors, as well as certain security solutions. It’s strong enough to hold a toughened laminated panel together even if both panes are fractured. In some instances the glass is bonded to metal, this allows special stainless steel fittings to be bonded into the glass using holes and notches. It is known as being very stable at the edge from moisture attack, but care is required when making use of sealants.

Full structural glass constructions can be created using elevations of structural glass. These can be supported by laminated glass beams and fins for a fully transparent and visually unique looking structure.