What can a desktop laser cutter do for your business?

WLaser cutting presents plenty of benefits over plasma cutting as this method is very precise and uses less energy when cutting steel and metal sheets. Additionally, with many 7Kw machines becoming more affordable for individuals and small businesses, plasma machines are no longer the first choice, unless of course you’re looking for a machine with a dependable ability to chop through thick materials.

Laser cutters are all about precision

The preciseness and minute levels in edge quality are achieved with desktop laser cutting machines, and these are much more popular than ancient cutting strategies, because the ray of light won’t wear throughout the optical device cutting method. Optical device cutting technology additionally allows users to cut advanced and highly intricate shapes without the need for tooling and at the same or quicker speed than different cutting strategies. The fact that a desktop laser cutter offers reduced contamination of the piece of work presents bound blessings over old style mechanical cutting techniques. Laser cutting additionally permits operators to cut tiny diameter holes with advanced detail and smart edge quality in either sheet, plate, tube or box section.

Here are four of the key edges this technology can give you:


Desktop laser cutting machines seamlessly cut and engrave a large vary of materials, together with MDF, wood, plywood, plastics, metals, ceramics, stone, glass, fabric, paper and card. There are completely different machines to suit all functions, from plasma cutters to waterjet machines. The one you decide on can rely on factors like the materials that you’re operating with and also the quantity of cutting or engraving needed.

Accuracy. Lasers will cut and engrave accurately to a awfully specific pattern. They’re going to additionally manufacture a feather-free cut, and delivering a neat end that doesn’t require sanding. This offers you a definite advantage over different sorts of cutting instrumentation like saws or routers.


Modernising your cutting and engraving processes in house will assist you in terms of avoiding wasting large quantities of cash. Optical device machines have grown considerably in worth in recent times, making them very accessible to businesses of all sizes.


Optical machines aren’t tough to use, and there are plenty of servicing companies who will be willing to present you the right knowledge and training. These machines are usable with a range of knowledge formats, permitting you to simply integrate your new machine into existing processes.

There are obviously plenty of advantages to using a desktop laser cutter, but it’s not just low costs, speed, precision and efficiency you need to consider. These machines are designed to last, and built to be incredibly reliable for years to come. They do require some maintenance to ensure they remain in good condition so they can continue operating at peak performance, but if you look out for the leading manufacturers and read up about each of their systems, you’ll be best placed to choose a machine that can deliver high quality with durability. This is obviously a winning formula for many businesses, small and large.