What Kinds of Products Does a Timber Merchant Sell?

Timber is a specialist product that should always be bought from a reputable source – somewhere that sources the best quality timber, that takes pride in its position as a market leader, and that has timber from trackable, sustainable sources. Timber merchants are one of the best options for buying timber and they will both stock a number of different products, as well as making and cutting timber to order.

Timber merchants based in the UK will be able to provide a wide range of timber products. Some will also have mills located outside of the UK in other European countries, so they can source different types of timber directly from within their own company, giving them control over quality and ensuring the timber has complete traceability. Many timber merchants can also supply timber and timber products with delivery included as they will have their own fleets of vehicles available for the job.

Timber merchants supply and wide range of products, but in general, these are some of the most popular ones that you can expect them to offer:

  1. Structural timber. Timber framing is a specialist type of timber that could be used for constructing timber homes, or for inside a property such as a barn conversion. Timber merchants can supply structural timber to replace existing timber inside a building, or for constructing a whole new build property. Oak beams and boards also fall into this category – it is essential that any kind of beam or supporting timber is very high quality and will not warp or buckle when in use.
  2. Outdoor timber. Timer that is going to be used in an outdoor setting needs to be strong and will have to withstand various weather conditions, from rain to snow. There are many everyday needs to outdoor timber, including timber cladding, decking boards, railway sleepers, fencing, and a range of outdoor timber features, such as pergolas, terraces and raised flower beds.
  3. Indoor timber. This category includes all the kinds of timber that might be used inside a property but that isn’t classed as being structural. It might include wooden flooring boards (often made of oak, and available with various different finishes if required), mantels and fireplace surrounds, window cills, timber doors and indoor cladding. Some timber merchants might also offer some types of bespoke wooden furniture such as units and stands.

These are the main categories of products that you can expect to be able to buy from timber merchants. They should also supply appropriate fixings for any products that they supply to you. Some timber merchants with their own mills will offer a custom cutting service, where you can get beams and boards cut to custom sizes and shapes, such as planed beams and planed oak boards. Also look out for added extras offered by timber merchants, like hardwax oils for wood, which can include clear oils and colour tone oils. These will help to maintain existing timber and change the tone, finish or appearance of it.