Maintaining A Fuel Burning Stove

Stoves are a great addition to a room. They bring a homely feeling into the space whilst keeping it warm through the colder months. But stoves do require some maintenance in order for them to work properly.

One important part of maintaining a stove is the state of the chimney. This needs to be kept in good condition so that the stove works well, and is safe to use.

As a stove is used, over time deposits will build up inside the chimney and fluepipe. This is normal, but the deposits should be of fine soot, grey/black in colour. Less desirable are cornflake-like crispy deposits hanging off the walls of the flue.

If the chimney happens to have a black shiny glaze, or brown/black sticky deposits this could mean that the flue gases are condensing into tar. In this case the chimney should be cleaned immediately.

Deposits in a chimney that is in good condition should come off easily when fitting a tight sweeping brush into the flue. If it doesn’t then this is a sign to clean the chimney more thoroughly.