When To Use a Cordless Power Tool And a Wired One

It’s often the case that a cordless power tool is just not up to the task on a building site. It’s also often the case that a wired power tool isn’t suitable for certain jobs. Deciding when to use a wired or cordless tool is part of working on any construction job, each option is best suited to a different purpose so choosing the right power tool is can be an important choice to make.

Wired power tools are often used when work is guaranteed to take several hours. In these instances the battery pack on a cordless tool is likely going to need to be recharged, so a wired tool that is constantly powered is going to be less of a hassle to use.

Cordless tools are useful when work is in a difficult or hazardous place to reach. Cordless tools are more easy to handle, and as a result safer to use in these environments.