Why Does Your Conservatory Need Any Insulation?

When you think of a conservatory on the outside of your home, you often do not think about insulation at all. It is typically a room, often referred to as a sunroom, that has glass sides and a glass roof. Over the course of the day, it will become warmer as a result of the sun shining in. However, if you have built one that is in an area of the country that is somewhat cold, you may want to consider adding some insulation. Here are a few ideas on how you can insulate your conservatory and why you would need to do this at all.

Why Would You Need To Insulate Your Conservatory?

There are two reasons why this would be a good idea. First of all, if you are trying to use this room in a colder region of the world, or during the winter months, it would likely need to be insulated to retain the heat. Second, you may not be using this for a sunroom at all. You may have converted this room into something that you can use during the winter and will remove the insulation at a later point when the sun is shining to warm it up.

How Do You Insulate A Conservatory?

Insulating this type of structure is relatively easy to accomplish. You can simply buy insulation that you can place over the outside of the structure. This will create a thermal barrier which will fully insulate this entire room. However, you do not necessarily want to attach this to the outside structure itself. It will require you to build some type of secondary structure which is collapsible around the conservatory. You can then add the insulation in this area. It should be made of timber batons that you can easily assemble and disassemble, allowing you to use this both during the summer and the winter months.

How To Make Sure That This Structure Does Not Collapse

when building this additional structure, you are going to need what is called a glazing bar. This is going to be used to provide access support. Each of those glazing bars needs to be the full length of the timber batons that you are using. By doing so, it will be easy to construct and deconstruct. If you were to actually place the timbers on the structure, which is technically made mostly of glass, you run the risk of damaging this material. It would cause the roof to become weaker, which is what you want to avoid, plus it will allow you to have a fully functional sunroom once everything is taken down in the spring and summer.

A conservatory is a wonderful place to spend time during the warmer months. It is only during the fall and winter that you may think about installing conservatory insulation. By crafting the structure on the exterior of the conservatory, you can easily erect the structure and add the insulation, allowing it to remain warm during the colder months. Of course, once the insulation is in place, you are no longer going to have that beautiful view of the surrounding countryside which is likely why you built the conservatory to begin with. However, it will be a fully usable room, assuming that you do have adequate lighting inside, which can be used for meetings, tea parties, or just a place for the kids to play that is somewhat separate from your actual home.