Why is heated flooring so popular?

When we refer to heated flooring, we’re focusing on underfloor heating in homes. There are two main types of underfloor heating systems: hot-water (or wet) systems, and electric (or dry) systems, but both are becoming more and more common in both new builds and existing homes within the UK.

Improved Comfort
Underfloor heating works by radiating heating from the ground to the roof, allowing a good ambient temperature within the building envelope, thus allowing pleasant warmth at a lower temperature than conventional heaters.

Saving Energy
With the rising cost in energy costs, underfloor heating is the perfect solution thanks to its lower temperature than radiators, but a good and pleasurable heat throughout a specific area, such as beneath the bed or sofa, allowing cheaper running costs, yet a more efficient heating system.

More Space
The old big and bulky heaters are an eyesore. In any property, private or business, a heater placed in a room instantly distracts from the delights in terms of style, decor and theme, but underfloor heating is hidden in plain sight, allowing an invisible yet effective system.

Improved Air
Not only does underfloor heating cause a more pleasurable heat source, but it also allows for cleaner air in every room.