Why Would You Need an All-Terrain Crane?

In many areas of the construction industry, mobile cranes are the workhorses of all cranes. They offer the versatility of combining heavy-lifting power with mobility to conquer many various tasks and loads. However, when it comes to working on rough or uneven ground, you will most likely need the services of an all-terrain crane. These cranes are better at handling various surfaces and weather conditions.

On average, all-terrain cranes have 6-8 tyres but some types can have as many as 18, for increased stability. They typically have two engines, one to power the truck and one for the boom or arm of the Crane. Most cranes have a hydraulically powered telescopic boom so they are highly adjustable and their lifting capacity is usually between 40-1000 tons, depending on the model.

The main downside is that they are extremely heavy so any worksite they will be used on, that has softer terrain, would need to be inspected for weight bearing strength to ensure that it can support the crane.