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Government to Help CITB Apprenticeships

The negative affects of apprenticeships in construction, due to COVID-19, has been highlighted as an area that needs government assistance and to aid this situation, the Training Board will be ensuring the availability of advanced payment for second- and third-year apprenticeship attendance grants. From the 6th of April, any apprentices already subject to CITB grant

Why consider investing in a home with a double garage?

When purchasing a home, there are many factors you need to consider, and one of them is the type of garage you build. Deciding between a single and a double car garage can be a challenge, but there are many reasons to consider upping your budget to purchase a double garage. Here are some of

Building Regulations To Think About For Your Garage Renovation

A garage conversion is one of the speediest and most affordable routes to adding floor space: a typical scheme creating a new home office or playroom can often be completed in little more than a week. As it involves a change of use, a garage conversion will always be subject to the Building Regulations. For

Used cranes – a buying guide

Used cranes are great value for money, as long as you choose cranes that are reliable and that will meet your needs sufficiently. It’s not good buying a crane for the right price if it isn’t going to meet your needs. As long as you spend your time checking the specifications and looking at the reliability, then you should be able to get a bargain.

Just be careful when looking for used cranes for sale, as they might not always be all they seem. The main thing to remember is to buy from a reputable supplier and not to be led astray by an impressive list of benefits. Even if there are lots of benefits, if the crane doesn’t meet your needs, it is pointless buying it.

Transform your empty garage into a modern office

Currently, people are opting for independent jobs and remote work. In fact, it is becoming an option for people who do not want to make do with the typical corporate environment where you arrive early and leave late, only to get stuck in traffic before and after work too!

It is for these reasons that many people have transformed their empty garage into modern offices. Once converted, the office will be used for their working either for personal business or even for freelance work. This blog post gives a concise description of how to transform your empty garage into a modern office.

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