Building Regulations To Think About For Your Garage Renovation

A garage conversion is one of the speediest and most affordable routes to adding floor space: a typical scheme creating a new home office or playroom can often be completed in little more than a week.

As it involves a change of use, a garage conversion will always be subject to the Building Regulations. For straightforward schemes, the building notice route may be sufficient, whereby you or your contractor informs the local authority of your intent to start work 48 hours prior to commencing on site.

With more complex projects, you may prefer to have full structural plans drafted. This gives you peace of mind that building control has inspected the drawings and confirmed that – if it’s constructed as per the approved schematics – your conversion will conform to the regs.

In addition to structural safety, key areas your building control officer or approved inspector will look at are damp proofing, ventilation, insulation and energy efficiency, fire safety (including escape routes), electrics and plumbing.