Government to Help CITB Apprenticeships

The negative affects of apprenticeships in construction, due to COVID-19, has been highlighted as an area that needs government assistance and to aid this situation, the Training Board will be ensuring the availability of advanced payment for second- and third-year apprenticeship attendance grants. From the 6th of April, any apprentices already subject to CITB grant support will be able to apply for this necessary support.

This grant support can easily be applied for by the employers of apprentices by completing a brief online form, via the CITB website. These payments will be able to support 7,500 apprentices and advanced payments of up to £2,500 for attendance grants to encourage the continuation of apprenticeships.

Many businesses, especially smaller ones, have been dramatically affected by the pandemic which is why the CITB is urging all construction employers not to dismiss apprentices without first contacting the Apprenticeship team, as apprenticeships in construction are essential for the passing down of important knowledge and skills.