Why consider investing in a home with a double garage?

When purchasing a home, there are many factors you need to consider, and one of them is the type of garage you build. Deciding between a single and a double car garage can be a challenge, but there are many reasons to consider upping your budget to purchase a double garage. Here are some of the benefits of a double car garage.

More Storage: Not only does a double car garage provide you with more room for an extra car, but you can also use the extra space for family storage if you want. Having more room to store your possessions makes it easier to keep the inside of your home free of clutter. Many people opt to use the extra space for home improvement projects or storage for kids’ toys.

No Fighting Over the Parking Space: When you have one parking space but two cars, parking becomes a frustrating task. When you have a double garage, you don’t have to fight with your partner over the parking space, and you can both park your cars comfortably and easily.

Cleaner, Safer Cars: A double garage allows you to park both of your cars inside, instead of parking one on the street or in your driveway. This is much better for your car, because it will stay clean instead of being exposed to the elements. Your cars are also much safer in a garage, because it’s much more difficult for someone on the street to access them through a locked garage door. This is especially true if you have a quality garage door and electric operators to open and close them with ease, so they’re safe, secure, clean and durable. With a contemporary garage door, you’re well and truly protected against the elements; however, you will need a reliable installer to ensure they are fitted without any issues.

Bigger Cars Can Fit: If you have an SUV or another large car, a double garage is a much better choice than a single garage. Having the extra space will make parking much easier and reduce your chances of scraping the side of your car on the door. With a double-wide garage, you won’t have to do any complicated maneuvers just to get your car in place.

Clean, Symmetrical Design: In addition to providing plenty of functional benefits, double garage doors just look nice. They add an elegant touch to your home, and they come in a variety of different styles and colours. The symmetrical design is very pleasing to the eye and it will of course make your property look grander, wowing your friends and relatives who come to visit.

Double garages are a great investment for couples or families with multiple cars. Although they are pricier than a single car garage, the investment is worth it. A double garage provides safety and convenience for your vehicle, and it makes parking hassle free, which is obviously a big bonus!