Using Traditional Stonemasonry Techniques On Modern Buildings

While the art of stonemasonry goes back thousands of years, it is no less valuable today. Many modern builders employ the skill of a stonemason to create or improve existing stonework, with beautiful and often informative engravings. Common examples of stonemasonry techniques being used include foundation stones for buildings and memorials that feature decorative stone engravings. Ideally, […]

Bring the Outdoors In

House plants are a great way to add that natural touch to a manmade home. They add unique colours to rooms, some smell fantastic and the unique textures and feelings they give off can all culminate into a very unique object within your living space. It’s when choosing Indoor plants there is a vast amount of foliage […]

Large Garden Pots and Decorative Pottery

One of the best ways to decorate a building, and add something functional to it, is to make use of garden pots. Garden pottery can be a unique and beneficial way to add decoration to a building. If its done in an effective manner. Older, traditional pots can be found in markets and second hand […]

Homely Home Names For Homes

The title of this post may seem like a bit of an ironic joke, but it’s truly intentional. Home names are tricky to pull off and if not done with some efficacy they can appear silly and often times self deprecating. But why not. Maybe you are set on a name, or maybe you are […]

Using Roof Designs To Stand Out

Roofs stand out. It can be the most prominent feature of your building. With a special roof protruding upwards next to all the standard buildings its next to, it sends a message that there is something of value here. Selecting a unique type of roof design can go far in making the property stand out, especially against the other buildings in […]