Different Types of Ratchet Straps and their Various Uses

What are the main uses of oak beams?

How to check if a property is a listed building

The importance of warehouse roofing: You must get it right!

Warehouse roofing should be strong, durable, resilient, well protected against the elements and made to last for many years.   If you’re planning to renovate your warehouse roofing, or thinking of installing a new one, you need to make sure that the chosen material can withstand harsh weather conditions. Warehouse roofs are often found at industrial

Maintenance of your Garage Doors

Maintaining a garage door is often overlooked, with many waiting until something goes wrong before calling someone to repair it. Waiting for this to happen is costly and can also reduce the garage door’s life.  We recommend regular maintenance to ensure it stays in tip-top condition longer. Metal and steel doors accumulate dirt over time

What You Should Know About Bacterial, Self-Healing Concrete

One incredible new advancement in concrete repair is called self-healing bacterial concrete. This concrete material is incredibly unique as it incorporates bacteria from the bacillus family, along with calcium, nitrogen and phosphorus along with the concrete ingredients. The bacteria can live inactive in concrete for over 200 years in dry conditions. When cracks form and

Indicators of Faults in Your Home’s Foundation

One major issue that homes can face and you need to watch for signs of, is a failing foundation or one in need of repair. This issue is not one that you would want to let slide for long, so if you suspect any problems, have it checked immediately. Typically, the signs of a foundation

Government to Help CITB Apprenticeships

The negative affects of apprenticeships in construction, due to COVID-19, has been highlighted as an area that needs government assistance and to aid this situation, the Training Board will be ensuring the availability of advanced payment for second- and third-year apprenticeship attendance grants. From the 6th of April, any apprentices already subject to CITB grant

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