How Fixed Canopies Can Transform Your Outdoor Space

There are many benefits of erecting a fixed canopy especially if you own a business such as a restaurant or a bar. Not only do fixed canopies create space but they also offer your customers a place to shelter from weather elements such as the rain and sunshine. Actually, fixed canopies could be just the solution […]

Fixing Roof Leaks Around Vents

A common place where leaks occur are around roofing vents. These are designed to let air flow in or out of the building, but not to let rainwater in. So if water is managing to find its way in around these parts of the roof, it should be fixed as soon as possible. To fix […]

Common Roofing Materials Used In Construction

With the improvement in construction technology over the years, the roofing materials available to use has increased dramatically. Different homes are best suited for certain roofs, so choosing a good match can take a fair amount of knowledge and expertise. Asphalt Shingles A common roofing material, asphalt shingles are often the most common and the least expensive, depending on […]

Using Roof Designs To Stand Out

Roofs stand out. It can be the most prominent feature of your building. With a special roof protruding upwards next to all the standard buildings its next to, it sends a message that there is something of value here. Selecting a unique type of roof design can go far in making the property stand out, especially against the other buildings in […]

RSJ’s and Steel Beams, Usages For Extensions

When building or knocking down walls, for extensions or otherwise it’s important to use the correct type of beam to maintain structural integrity of the project. RSJ’s or Steel I Beams are used to for this task, to support the structure, either temporarily or permanently. RSJ stands for Rolled Steel Joists, called so as they […]