Indicators of Faults in Your Home’s Foundation

One major issue that homes can face and you need to watch for signs of, is a failing foundation or one in need of repair. This issue is not one that you would want to let slide for long, so if you suspect any problems, have it checked immediately. Typically, the signs of a foundation issue are quite subtle and not blatantly obvious. So, it is always recommended to keep an eye out for these subtle hints:

• Warped or sagging floors and/or ceilings

• Cracks or gaps between where the floor and walls or walls and ceiling meet

• Problems opening and closing the windows and doors

• Windows or doors pulling away from their frame

• Cracks in the foundation, walls or tiles

• Water seeping through the foundation

All of these areas could be possible indicators of a fault with your home’s foundation, so you should get a certified surveyor out to advise what could be causing these issues.