Types of Exterior Wall Coatings for Ultimate Protection

Are your exterior walls looking like they need a refresh or are you just wanting something new like a change in colour? When redoing or revitalising the exterior walls of your property, it is important for the final layer to be some form of protective coating so that the brick or cement render is better protected from the elements and lasts longer before needed repair or renovation. Cracks in the render or brick walls can cause moisture to seep into a property, which then in turn could cause thousands of pounds worth of damage.

There are special masonry waterproofing paints that work much better than just a standard water-resistant paint that only sits on top of the brickwork and offer surface-level protection as opposed to the masonry paint, which more fully integrates with the surface. There is also a premium All Weather Coating, that is based on a hydrophobic silicone that repels water or any other type of weather that could be thrown at it, much more effectively than the typical ‘weatherproof’ paint that can be found at many DIY retailers. It is incredibly lightweight which helps it to fuse to the substance, for ultimate moisture repellence.

Hand painting or manual wall coating application, can lead to the paint or wall coating being unevenly distributed. This lack of uniformity will lead to a shoddy appearance and reduced protection for the material below. It is best to have these types of protective coverings applied via a sprayer and ideally by a professional that can ensure that the uniformity of the coating is optimised. Professionals are likely to have a high-grade pump or sprayer that will help to evenly distribute the paint or coating for a fabulous finish that will fully protect your home. Think of this as an investment into your home and be sure to use a good quality coating or paint and possibly consider having this job done by specialised professionals, so that your home is as protected as it can possibly be.