Fixing Roof Leaks Around Vents

A common place where leaks occur are around roofing vents. These are designed to let air flow in or out of the building, but not to let rainwater in. So if water is managing to find its way in around these parts of the roof, it should be fixed as soon as possible. To fix […]

Advantages of Building Restoration

At one time or the other, you might realise that one of your buildings in your home in the UK has aged or is damaged. When this happens you have the opportunity to restore it to its former look or demolish and build a new one. When you compare the two options you will find […]

An Overview of Basic Building Regulations

When planning any kind of construction project, it is important to understand the basic building regulations which are in place to uphold a minimum standard over all new construction. These standards protect the occupiers and members of the public against dangers to health or personal safety. The regulations also contribute to the conservation of energy […]

RSJ’s and Steel Beams, Usages For Extensions

When building or knocking down walls, for extensions or otherwise it’s important to use the correct type of beam to maintain structural integrity of the project. RSJ’s or Steel I Beams are used to for this task, to support the structure, either temporarily or permanently. RSJ stands for Rolled Steel Joists, called so as they […]