Category: Structural Repair

What You Should Know About Bacterial, Self-Healing Concrete

One incredible new advancement in concrete repair is called self-healing bacterial concrete. This concrete material is incredibly unique as it incorporates bacteria from the bacillus family, along with calcium, nitrogen and phosphorus along with the concrete ingredients. The bacteria can live inactive in concrete for over 200 years in dry conditions. When cracks form and

Indicators of Faults in Your Home’s Foundation

One major issue that homes can face and you need to watch for signs of, is a failing foundation or one in need of repair. This issue is not one that you would want to let slide for long, so if you suspect any problems, have it checked immediately. Typically, the signs of a foundation

Types of Exterior Wall Coatings for Ultimate Protection

Are your exterior walls looking like they need a refresh or are you just wanting something new like a change in colour? When redoing or revitalising the exterior walls of your property, it is important for the final layer to be some form of protective coating so that the brick or cement render is better

Renovating an old building

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on an old building and are looking to develop it into a lovely place to call home, there are a few things you need to know. Planning permission: If there are structural alterations that need to be done, or that you are looking to add as

Restoring The Roof of a Heritage Building

When working on a heritage building, one of the most common areas that requires work is the roof. The roof of any building has to bear the brunt of the weather, so for a building that may be several hundred years old it’s likely going to be worn down substantially. Because of this and the

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